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Gelamà Experiences

By Land

Come and join us and explore our beautiful Empordà region by LAND



We've chosen Gregal Comunicació Ambiental as our guide, for their experienced knowledge of the area, for walking and sightseeing tours, visiting the most beautiful sights around us. All itineraries finish with wine tasting.

Sunset at St Onofre and wine tasting

The best time to savour a glass of wine is at sunset. Slow Tourism at first hand. From our meeting point we will walk to the chapel of San Onofre, where we will enjoy the views of the Plain of Empordà. Let’s leave the hustle and bustle and allow ourselves to be carried away by the warmth of the sun and the aroma of the wine.

Duration: 2 hours

Availability: By prior reservation

Price: €16.00 (includes the guide, wine tasting and insurance). Please bring a torch.

Minimum: 5 people

Maximum: 15 people.





Walking Itinerary I: Gelamà (Vilajuïga) - Castell Quermançó- Canyelles - Veïnat de dalt - Gelamà (Vilajuïga)

We will walk the foothills of the Serra Verdera to Cabo de Creus Natural Park. It’s a route full of history where we can appreciate the evolution of a landscape shaped by man. The route leads to Quermançó Castle, which dominates the coastal road, and to the medieval village of Canyelles, abandoned long ago.


Walking Challenge: Medium

Distance: 10 km

Elevation / slope: 200 m

Duration: 2 hours’ walk, plus wine tasting

Availability: By prior reservation

Price: €20.00 per person (includes the guide, wine tasting and insurance)

Minimum: 5 people

Maximum: 15 peopl

Walking Itinerary II: Mas Ventós - Santa Helena - Sant Pere de Rodes - Sant Salvador de Verdera – Mas Ventós and wine tasting at the balcony of the Empordà


La Serra Verdera hides a true jewel of medieval art; Sant Pere de Rodes. It’s difficult to appreciate this monument unless we walk around the landscape that surrounds it, see the village of Santa Cruz de Rodes, or go up to the Castle of San Salvador. Our guide will take us to visit these three unique places united by history, enjoying the immense landscapes and stunning views of the Mediterranean.  Finally, to complete the experience, we will be wine tasting on the “Balcony of Empordà”; an experience for the sensations.


Walking Challenge: Medium to low level

Distance: 5 km

Elevation / slope: 250 m

Duration: 3 hours’ walk plus wine tasting

Availability: By prior reservation

Price: €25.00 (includes the guide, entrance into the Monastry of Sant Pere de Rodes, wine tasting and insurance)

Minimum: 5 people   

Maximum: 15 people.

Gelama & Gregal
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