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Gelamà Winery, Vilajuïga

The Gelamà winery, founded in 1892, is the oldest winery in the Empordà DO region. The descendants of the family have recovered the family tradition by making new wines. Without losing the essence of the winery, it focuses on products that make a difference.
Currently, Celler Gelamà produces organic wine fermented in amphorae with local grape varieties grown in a unique climate of the Empordà.
Due to the demand, they specialized in sparkling wine traveling to Champagne, France, to discover first hand the secrets of this product. They started promoting their “Champagne- Spelling” in 1926. In 2010, the descendants of the family had new challenges: they recovered the traditional method of wine production also using clay amphorae for fermentation and incorporated organic farming. . In 2015 they commemorated the 75th anniversary of their sparkling bottle.



Mas Gelamà

The Falgàs family farmhouse has inscriptions that have been found on the walls in 1805. It has been declared an Architectural Heritage of Catalonia by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Although the Masia dates from the 1800s, it is very well maintained and will soon become a hotel. At the winery, the new owner has invested a considerable amount in modernizing the winery to current levels of manufacturing needs. Gelamà is the only winery in the region with underground caves that provides you with natural temperature control for wine storage, which saves considerable costs and helps save the planet from global warming.





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