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Mas Gelamà

"Mas Gelama" Mas Gelamà is a rural house built around 1805 that has been completely renovated and decorated according to the style and characteristics of the time in which it was built, also taking into account its rustic environment. .

The house has 3 double bedrooms with bathroom (suite), living room with wood burning fireplace, area with a large dining table, fully equipped kitchen and two terraces. The distinguishing feature of the house is its defensive sentry box which was formerly used to defend the Mas Gelamà from the French. All rooms are comfortably furnished, with central heating and Wi-Fi throughout the house.

On the ground floor, there is a wonderful and spacious living room. It is an old block completely restored and rebuilt preserving rustic vaults and Catalan arches. It is the ideal area for family or business meetings.

The residence is surrounded by gardens, one of its many vineyards and a pond.

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